The Al-Muddi

The Al-Muddi are mud-monsters from Agrabah that serve as Jafar's giant mooks in the Organization.

Canon BioEdit

A race of elemental mud monsters who normally live deep underground. They eat humans and animals and sometimes use traps disguised as oases to capture them.

Because they're build out of mud the al-Muddi can shapeshift. For example two Al Muddi can merge together into a centaur. Also, if an al-Muddi grows large enough it can split into several al-Muddi.

The al-Muddi are ruled by a sultan, who is many times larger than a normal al-Muddi (most al-Muddi are slightly larger than a human). Their sultan is also intelligent and able to talk, unlike the rest of the al-Muddi.

The al-Muddi dry up if exposed to the hot sun for too long, but they can revive if exposed to water.

According to Mozenrath in the episode The Citadel, the al-Muddi's underground kingdom is part of the Seven Deserts.

Ultima bioEdit

The Al-Muddi have been recruited into the Organization to serve as Agrabah minions.