i'm not just only smart, y'know

Anthony is one of Nick's friends and the current wielder of the Ultimaspear. Anthony is more intelligent and would explaining to other that need detailing, but sometime his intelectual tones were often offbeat against his worldview point. He wears glasses and has (light-dark) white hair and brown eyes. He also wears armor, except his is black and green.

On the course of an event, Anthony was invited by a member House of Geniuses as an honorary guest and part time member, for his intelectual degree (or to be more precise, be around his fellow "Nerds"[which he's completely ignored to just comfortably take it)

The group gaved him a few gadget and a tool to help him and his friends combat anything the Org throws at them. Mostly threats created by the dark, and twisted sciences of the Org's mad scientists, and engineers.