Chernabog is the great demon lord from Night on Bald Mountain, and is a member of the Organization.

Canon BioEdit

Chernabog (also known as Satan) is the massive nocturnal devil and the main antagonist in Night on Bald Mountain, who holds power over various restless souls. His name is taken from Chernobog, a deity of Slavic mythology; the name is Slavic for "black god". While officially a pagan god, it should also be noted that Chernabog might have originally been intended to be Satan: when "Night on Bald Mountain" appeared on the original Wonderful World of Disney, Walt Disney referred to Chernabog as "Satan himself." Deems Taylor also refers to Chernabog as "Satan" in the film.

Chernabog is first seen when he awakes on top of Bald Mountain. It is Walpurgis Night and, using the powers of darkness, he raises ghosts, monsters, fiery women, fleet of monstrous imps, blue satyrs and demons from a nearby town with a cemetery. Criminals pass through the noose a second time, while others rise from a lake. He then also summons fire and makes the ghosts and the other creatures in his control dance and fly around, before he throws them into a volcanic pit and resurrects them as demons. Harpies fly around as it gets more chaotic, and then they throw the damned into a fiery inferno. Chernabog is at the height of his power until he hears the tolling of the Angelus Bell; he is then forced to cover himself with his wings as the ghosts return to their graves, and stop the dark ceremony as morning arrives. Chernabog is considered to be one of the most powerful villains that Walt Disney ever created (as he seems to appear more malignant than most villains, is the only villain to have control over the dead, and may even be the largest of the Disney Villains overall, not counting those who transformed into larger, more powerful forms in last-ditch attempts to kill off protagonists).

Role in UltimaEdit

Chernabog (Dark Mode)

Chernabog's Ultimate form

Chernabog appears in the Ultima series in a subservient role to Maleficent in The Crossing of Disney Universes. In the fic, she used him to combine all the Disney Worlds into one single world for her to conquer. It's currently unknown whether or not Chernabog is the true mastermind behind Maleficent's schemes or merely just a savage demon puppet under Maleficent's control. But a newfound rumor has started to spread around the worlds that perhaps Chernabog's relationship to Maleficent may be in fact the former, and he might have something to do with The Dark King, Padro Lodo, Master Xehanort, and the Horned King being connected to one another in their past...