Control Freak is a member of the Organization and also an enemy of the Teen Titans.

Canon BioEdit

Control Freak, the Titans' self-proclaimed "arch-nemesis", is an overweight and unshaven geek who is notorious for using his super remote control to warp reality to suit his movie-inspired images. However, he rarely uses his great intellect, preferring instead to make himself look "cool" in the world of television or committing crimes that will make him look like an actual villain.

Appearance in UltimaEdit

Original Ultima Edit

Control Freak first appeared in the Ultima fanfic, The Sucky Alliance where he becomes humiliated during an interview with the Organization. When he joins, he befriends Zim , The Toilenator , The Box Ghost , and Kilgore and form their own little group to prove to the other more powerful villains that they are capable of going on big missions. From then on, Control Freak, and the SA have appeared numerous times in other Ultima stories.

Rebooted Ultima Edit