Drew Nelson is an OC created by the author crossover4 and is a captain in the Organization Army.


Grunts by frame10-1-

Drew Nelson in full armor.


So far Drew has only appeared in the TDU chapter "Whomp Race" where he is hired to kill Tyler in a race and in the first Episode of the fic "The Society Adventures" where he baits a trap to destroy Tyler and Lindsay at an abandoned mall.

Whomp RaceEdit

In Whomp Race he first appears as Lars introdoces him to the Rocket kids as a new member in his race group. It is then shown in a flashback that Lars choose him out of three special grunts in the Org army presented to him by Heather. When the race begins, Drew uses a device he has to create large potholes in the ground that seperate Tyler from the rest of the race group. He then begins having a battle with him (Tyler) as they both race down the large hill until Tyler spots a land mine at the bottom of the hill. As Drew starts to detonate it, Tyler tackles him sending them both into the mine just as it blows up. Miraculously Tyler survives the blast and Drew is seemingly killed with his helmet landing on the nearby beach for the fairy baby Poof to play with. During this time, he had no name, only called the grunt, but was given one later on.


After The Universal Takeover Saga. The Safe House's generator breaks down due to sabatoge from Stewie Griffin. Tyler and Lindsay are then sent to an abandoned High-tech mall in the wastes for the parts to repair the generator. Drew then appears (without his helmet) and stalks them both inside the mall. Drew then sets off the mall's robot security in an effort to tire both of them out. As Tyler and Lindsay get seperated, Drew then kidnaps Lindsay and baits Tyler out to a battle. Drew then shows Tyler a hologram screen that reveals he was not killed by the land mine, but scarred across the face. As the slideshow ends, Drew rants at Tyler angry about the scar across his face and the fact that he suffered his first loss and they begin to have a fierce battle but Tyler manges to beat Drew using the Yo-Yo's of Truth, reopening his scar and slamming him into the parking lot, creating a huge crator.


Drew is described as a bald medium height man with a large scar across his face. In all of his appearances, he is shown to always wear white and black armor.


Drew's name is a referance to voice actor who plays Duncan from Total Drama Island.