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The Ultimacrystal.

During Ultima, the characters find or create weapons that prove essential to the story's plot. Note, not all weapons are enchanted, but will possess special powers.

Ultima WeaponsEdit

The UltimaswordEdit

The UltimastaffEdit

The UltimashieldEdit

The UltimaceEdit

The UltimagauntletsEdit

The UltimaclawsEdit

The UltimawhipEdit

The UltimabowsEdit

The UltimaspearEdit

The UltimabombsEdit

The UltimaflailEdit

The UltimaxeEdit

The UltimhammerEdit

The UltimascytheEdit

The UltimacrystalEdit

Weapons of TruthEdit

The Yo-yos of TruthEdit

The Scythe of TruthEdit

Organization WeaponsEdit

The Dark KeybladeEdit

The Dark MasterswordEdit

The ElementaraEdit

The Hammer of DespairEdit

Created by Organization Scientists, The Hammar of Despair is a large hammer that has the ability to change it's weight without changing it's mass. This is Drew Nelson's favorite weapon as he enjoys the aftershock from hitting someone with it. It was destroyed however when Tyler head butted it with his face, causing it to crumple into dust. Whether or not it will appear again is unknown.

Maleficent's Dark SwordEdit


Marlon's Blue Fire SwordEdit