Kimberly Ann Possible is a teen hero in the Society who battles many villains in the Organization.

Canon BioEdit

Prior to the start of season 1, Kim was an ordinary young girl leading an ordinary life. By her early teen/late preteen years, she was wishing to supplement her allowance, so she decided to start up her own babysitting business and set up her own website, "", under the slogan, "I can do anything", to advertise her services. Soon after her site went live, Kim was accidentally contacted by Mr. McHenry who was in trouble, and was trying to contact a different group of heroes, "Team Impossible". Due to a typing error, he contacted "" instead of "" After the rescue, Kim's fame as a hero grew until she was being contacted for help by people all over the world, including governments and royalty.

The show, Kim Possible, centers around teenaged crime-fighter Kim Possible and her faithful sidekick and boyfriend (since Season 4) Ron Stoppable. Ron owns a pet naked mole rat named Rufus, who proves an excellent aid to Ron and Kim in their many battles versus Dr. Drakken and various other foes. Ron is also the main source of comic relief for the show. During the show, Kim and Ron progress through the high school, starting in tenth grade and ending with a graduation party.

Together the duo fights various antagonists, most commonly Doctor Drakken, assisted by his henchwoman Shego, whose unsuccessful world domination schemes appear in almost every episode of the show. The other common villains are Monkey Fist, Duff Killigan, Señor Senior, Sr. and Jr., and Professor Dementor.

Appearance in UltimaEdit

Kim was one of the survivors of her world and was one of the first to form the Society after she was safely led there by Sensei in the story, Kim Possibles Cataclysm. She also appears in The Crossing of Universes during the search for the Ultimaweapons.