"Life's Not Much Better Under the Sea" is the seventh chapter in The Crossing of Universes and the seventh chapter in the Beginning Arc


Plankton breaks out of the Bikini Bottom jail with the help of the sea witch, Ursula. The both stop by the Krusty Krab restaurant and steal the secret formula. They even take Mr. Krabs with them back to Atlantica. But before the portal closes, Patrick becomes entranced by it and runs through dragging Squidward with him. As they both end up in Atlantica, they run into Nick and Spongebob who are looking for the next Ultimaweapon . After telling them what happened back at the Krusty Krab, they agree to rescue Mr. Krabs and the secret formula first. The group runs into Sebastian (who Spongebob mistakes for Mr. Krabs), Flounder, and Ariel who find the Ultimashield. But Ursula takes it from them while also revealing that she has the trident. Everyone rushes to stop Ursula, but Squidward remains stubborn. As they arrive at her lair, they are immediately outmatched by the powers of the trident and the Ultimashield. However, Squidward save the day by smashing Ursula with the Ultimace. When they find a temporary hiding place, Squidward reveals he found the mace lying around. After realizing he is the new wielder of the Ultimace, Squidward decides to help out. Once they return to Ursulas lair, it seems they are beaten again until Ursula looses the Ultimashield to Patrick. Plankton makes his getaway as the group celebrates victory. Afterwards, Squidward, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs join in on the adventure as they make their way to Agrabah.


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