Meet Nick is the first chapter in The Crossing of Universes and the first chapter in the Beginning Arc.


Nick wakes up from a cryptic nightmare and goes about his daily life. He ends up being pranked by his younger twin siblings, Oliver and Angela and tries to relax by watching television. As he is watching, Nick is sure that he hears Spongebob Squarepants taunting him and runs outside to tell his friends.

When they refuse to believe him, they try to tell his father about his hallucinations. In an attempt to get his attention, they cause Nick's father's parade float to crash, getting Nick grounded. As Nick storms up to his room and broods about his troubles, a dark vortex opens up to reveal a nightmarish figure. Before the dark figure could grab Nick, another portal opens up driving him away and tells Nick to step forward. As Nick steps through, he loses consciousness.

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Start of Chapter
Here's my first chapter. There aren't any cartoons in it yet. But don't worry. They will come.
End of Chapter
What happened to Nick? Who can say? Stay tuned for the next chapter.

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