The Beginning is the first story arc in the fanfiction, Ultima: The Crossing of Universes. The story revolves around a boy from Earth named Nick as he learns about the history of the Society and the Organization after he is abducted from his own world. He winds up in the dystopian ruins of his world about a couple years in the future. The stories main theme is Nick trying to learn how to use the Ultimasword and forming friendships with many Society member including Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward who join his team.


1.1) Meet Nick

1.2) The Arrival of a New Hero

1.3) The Big Pirate Battle

1.4) The Lair of the Organization

1.5) Planktons Attack

1.6) Titanic Titans

1.7) Life's Not Much Better Under the Sea

1.8) The Arabian Fight

1.9) The Big Pirate Battle II

1.10) To and Frollo

1.11) A Short Story Within the Story