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Ultima: The Crossing of Universes is the main story of the Ultima fanfiction series. The fanfiction follows the adventures of the main protagonist, Nick as he teams up with other cartoon characters and friends in several story arcs.

Official Description Edit

A boy named Nick goes on an exciting adventure to save the universe and other universes from cartoon villains with the help of Spongebob and all the other cartoons. Get ready to read the ULTIMATE CARTOON CROSSOVER! No kiddin'.

Story ArcsEdit

Arc I: The Beginning - 11 Chapters

Arc II: The Patty Rocket - 13 Chapters

Arc III: The Chaos Emeralds - 14 Chapters

Arc IV: The Ultimacrystal - 6 Chapters - Incomplete

Planned Arcs Edit

The following arcs were planned to be written before Ultima's revamp, and are no longer in production.

Arc IV: The Ultimacrystal

Arc V: The Coliseum

Arc VI: The Sentinels

Arc VII: Time Travel/Experiments

Arc VIII: Sozin's Comet

Arc IX: Finale

External Links Edit

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