The Sentinel Academy is an Ultima story written by NickTheUltimaSwordWielder


The story opens up at the Sentinel Academy located far off in the Antarctic wasteland where Chef Hatchet is debriefing the newest recruits about being at the Academy. After being interrupted by Bloo who is unenthusiastic about being here (his plan was to prank Jackie Khones into attending a military school), the recruits begin their training.

Through a montage of different exercises, Jackie Khones seems to be inexplicably acing through them all leaving all the others flabbergasted over how he became so good. During a class, Jackie tells the others that he got this way because when his world was being taken over, he was too weak to escape because he had eaten too many sandwiches. When he made it out through some miracle, Jackie devoted every moment of his life training to take on the Organization. And when Bloo signed Jackie up for the Academy, Jackie decided to sign him and his friends up as well, which really cheeses Bloo off. When night comes, Bloo decides to exact revenge of Jackie Khones for tricking him, only to be blocked off by Chef Hatchet.

At that moment, an army of Organization soldiers arrive lead by Berry. As the other student run for cover, the teachers fight back to no avail. Eventually, Jackie puts a plan together for everyone to take down the grunts. Bloo tries to object, but everyone ties him down. As soon as most of the grunts are defeated, Berry fights Jackie while everyone deals with the revived grunts who actually turned out to be robots. Bloo suddenly arrives and destorys all the robots by turning a laser gun up to a dangerously high setting. Jackie Khones also defeats Berry by knocking her out of the Academy with a giant rubber band ball. After the battle is over, Jackie Khones is congratulated for saving the Academy, but Bloo interjects saying that he destroyed the robots. The story ends with Jackie Khones graduating and Bloo looking to be a better Sentinel than Jackie would ever be.


All Grown Up

  • Pangborn

Angry BeaversEdit

  • Daggett
  • Norbert

Camp LazloEdit

  • Clam
  • Edward
  • Lazlo
  • Raj

Fosters Home For Imaginary FriendsEdit

  • Berry
  • Bloo
  • Coco
  • Eduardo
  • Jackie Khones
  • Mac
  • Wilt

Hey ArnoldEdit

  • Mr. Simmons

Jack and DaxterEdit

  • Daxter

My Gym Partner's A MonkeyEdit

  • Adam
  • Ingrid
  • Jake
  • Lupe
  • Slips
  • Windsor

Ratchet and ClankEdit

  • Clank
  • Ratchet

Ren and StimpyEdit

  • Ren
  • Stimpy

Rocko's Modern LifeEdit

  • Filbert
  • Heffer
  • Rocko

Scooby DooEdit

  • Scooby Doo
  • Shaggy

Total DramaEdit

  • Chef Hatchet