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The Society is Founded

A league of imaginary and fictional characters come to life and lived in each of their own world. Each of the characters is from either from TV show, video game, or even in books, until their antagonist character(s) began attacking each of their worlds and conquering them, joining together under one name:The Organization. Most of the group survived their world's destruction and were scatter themselve across different universes, they're severly depress and losing hope by the invasion, until few group led by Nickelodeon character, Spongebob, and also the guidance from the Danny Phantom series. Clockwork the time ghost, united them to band together as a league of heroes and friends to fight back the villian and sruggle to take back their world also. Their struggle also fortunate with the arrival of the Ultimawielders, that help them victory over the villian throught the series.


So Far the main base is the Safe House, it is unknown if there are any other Society Buildings. Somehow, their main HQ is residing on the outskirt of town where there's a sustain enviroment oasis left somehow, initially creating new, bigger and improved

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The Refugee PlaneEdit

This is a sub-dimension created by Dexter, Jimmy, and Merlin, and spearheaded by the Society Generals. The purpose of the plane is to house all the refugees from the worlds destroyed and stolen by the Organization.

The plane is in constant chaos and disorder because of the overpopulation problem. There is extreme lack of food and shelter.




Danny Phantom


Jake Long

Jimmy Neutron

Kim Possible


Morty Smith

Nigel Uno



Timmy Turner

Original TeamEdit

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Get ready to fight

  • (unknown for ally member)

Strike GroupEdit

  • Sector Z, formerly The Delightful Children From Down the Lane
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"We're going to need everyone we can get."

Bullet DivisionEdit

Strawhat PiratesEdit

The SaintsEdit

Ninja CorpsEdit

House of GeniusEdit


Society GeneralsEdit

  • These 23 men and woman are behind the Sentinel Army project and the Refugee Plane, and are doing everything it takes to put the Org down.
  • (They are all OCs, and they are still in the works)
  • Dimitri Romanov
  • Cameral Jefferson
  • Vincent Trasovolt

Lazarus ProjectEdit

The SentinelsEdit

Orginally a training program to prepare inexperience Society members for combat.

The Sentinel program has now evolved to become the Society's main army.