The Sucky Alliance is an Ultima story written by NickTheUltimaSwordWielder.


Teen Titans villain, Control Freak steps into the Organization interview room where he presents his mastery of technology to Pete, Hamsterviel, and Mojo Jojo. However, when the remote doesn't work, the three interviewers deem him to be "pathetic", and he is booted out. He storms down the halls angrily as all the other villains laugh at him. As he sits around moping in the cafeteria, The Toilenator runs up to his table bawling after being laughed at as well. The toilet-themed villain sits next to CF much to his annoyance.

Moments later, Zim is kicked out of the interview room and goes flying to CF and Toilenators table. After the Titans villain makes a crack about Zims robot, the two break into and argument which results in Control Freak throwing Zim clear across the cafeteria. Zim lands on top of the Box Ghost who was carrying new weapons for Skulker. While Control Freak marvels at the advanced technology, an argument between Kilgore and Vexus breaks out. But the debate is cut short when the little robot runs out of power and is kicked away. After GIR wind him back up, he rants about how he never gets the respect he deserves, as do the other four villains. Control Freak suddenly gets an idea for them to join forces and become one super team to show the other villains what they can really do. After some debate about what their team name should be, Zim suggests that they start out by going after his arch nemesis, Dib. As they prepare their first mission, Pete, Mojo Jojo, Hamsterviel, Vexus, Skulker, and Bowser hear about this and plan something sneaky for when they get back.

When the group enters Zims universe, they confront Dib and prepare to fight. But they eventually lose him after getting into another argument about their team name. They follow Dib to his house along with his sister Gaz and quickly tie the big-headed boy up. After a talk about how Zim met his new team mates, they prepare to finish Dib off. But Gaz walks in and mercilessly beats up the five villains.

Moping over their failure in the Zim Universe, they group tries to think of what they should do next. Then, Pete, Hamsterviel, and the other four villains from earlier arrive with a surprise for them. It seems that the group now have their own base of operations for when they want to team up again. The lair is equipped with weapons and vehicles of all sorts. The villains seem pleased with this, until they find a label marked "Sucky Alliance" imprinted on everything. The six villains laugh at their expense leaving them to mope about their new name. They story ends with a role call, and them dubbing themselves, The Alliance.