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Padro Lodo: That's world destruction, the will of the Organization!

The Universal Takeover Saga is a string of fanfictions each focusing on a specific cartoon series, all under a similar pattern. The main protagonists are forced to fend off a massive attack from an entire army of their biggest enemies. Regardless, their worlds fall to the Organization, and each story ends bringing the heroes to the dystopian ruins of Earth.

The final story, The Origin of The Society, ties up all loose ends and reveals the formation of the heroic group known as The Society.

Currently, three stories of the Universal Takeover Saga have been completed, with two partially written before Ultima's reboot. The remaining stories only have their prologues written, none of which is in production. All remaining Universal Takeover stories are discontinued.

Stories in the Universal Takeover SagaEdit

Danny Phantoms Doomsday - Complete

Total Drama Ultima - Complete

Kim Possibles Cataclysm - Complete

Jimmy Neutrons Nightmare - Incomplete (To be written together with Timmy Turners Tragedy)

Timmy Turners Tragedy - Incomplete (To be written together with Jimmy Neutrons Nightmare)

Lilo and Stitch's Holocaust - Prologue Only

Titans Terror - Prologue Only

Fosters Fiasco - Prologue Only

The Powerpuff Problem - Prologue Only

American Dragon Armageddon - Prologue Only

KND Calamity - Prologue Only

The Origin of the Society - Prologue Only

Total Drama Ultima II - Prologue Only