Invader Zim is the titular protagonist of the show of the same name, although he's mostly depicted as an anti-hero. He is viewed as the most idiotic of all the Org villains. Zim is a member of the Sucky Alliance.

Canon BioEdit

The title character of the cartoon, Invader Zim is a short Irken defective, that despite his size feels that he is superior to and unchallenged by the other Irkens and universal creatures, due to his intelligence, ingenuity, skill in many applications, and destructively inclined nature. This seems to imply that he suffers from a Napoleon complex. He can be a very irritable, impatient, anger-driven, and sometimes accident prone character, but enjoys a good snack and loves to invent and create new things. Jhonen Vasquez, the creator of the show, states in an IGN interview, "I always imagined Zim as just being utterly unaware of his shortcomings, to a dangerous extent even. He's not really stupid, but he's got some problems getting priorities straight. He's this alien from an incredibly advanced race (technologically anyhow), with access to a universe of power. And yet he stays in school all day, enduring it, hating it, fearing it and freaking out about it. The thought of sneaking out or setting a robot in his place never crosses his mind. He gets so caught up with the most unimportant details, he ends up getting nothing done; he gets a giant robot, and his plan is to go beat Dib up. It was cool to remind people that he really was in control of some impressive stuff, but that his sense of control was so horrible that it didn't matter if his plans were foolproof."

Appearance in UltimaEdit

Zim first joined the Organization in the story, Villain Interviews. In this tale, Zim, along with his robot sidekick GIR, was asked to present his skills and abilities to the interviewers, the Harbingers Pete, Hamsterviel, and Mojo Jojo. Unfortunately, all he suceeded in was irritating them with his constant need to display his skills, despite being turned down. He and GIR were quickly thrown out. From then on, Zim has made appearances in several Ultima stories. His biggest role includes him forming a group with four other "lame" villains which they dubbed The Sucky Alliance. Along from Zim and GiR, the other members include The Toilenator, The Box Ghost, Kilgore, and Control Freak. Despite his status, Zim is one of the most notorious members in the Organization, and perhaps the most pestering.